John Lyon


John Lyon is a global relief and development visionary and a licensed law practitioner. John has organized and supported rapid responses for emergencies and provided first responders training and equipment around the world since 2013. Prior to joining My Medic Training + Response, John was the President of World Hope International where he developed an emergency relief program that responded with immediate healthcare, water and sanitation, and protection services to emergencies or conflicts worldwide, including fighting Ebola in Sierra Leone, hurricane relief for islands in the Caribbean, and supporting first responders in Ukraine during the Russian invasion. Prior to this, John served as General Counsel for Joule Africa, an innovative London-based, renewable energy company focused on developing hydroelectric and solar energy in Africa. Prior to his time at Joule Africa, John practiced law at WilmerHale, an international law firm, where he supported development projects for clients in Uganda and Sierra Leone.  John served in the United States Peace Corps in Jamaica from 1998 to 2000.  John holds a bachelor’s degree from Houghton College and a JD from the University of Missouri Kansas City School of Law.



Chris Schaff is an innovative leader in international disaster response and capacity building and serves as an advisor to multiple humanitarian organizations. He has over 32 years of professional experience with a focus on training, resiliency development, and crisis response. Chris retired from the Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department as a Battalion Chief in the Special Operations Division. In his final assignment, he served as the Program Manager and Task Force Leader of the world-renowned international urban search and rescue team USA-1. Chris also has over 30 years practicing pre-hospital emergency medicine, serving as an EMS supervisor and a critical care flight paramedic. Chris has served in the United Nations International Search and Rescue Advisory Group as a member of the U.N. Disaster Assessment and Coordination team. He has numerous international deployments as a subject matter expert in disaster response coordination and mitigation supporting host country leadership and non-government organizations. As a member of the U.N. team, Chris served as a disaster response team assessor, classifier, and primary mentor to organizations seeking United Nations response team classification. Chris’s years of real-world experience equips him to lead government and non-government organizations in the development, training, and successful deployment of response organizations. Chris holds a Bachelor's degree from Liberty University in Political Science



Jonathan Burgoyne is a marketing and brand leader with 16+ years of experience and a track record of building high performance teams that elevate brands and drive revenue. Jon cut his teeth in marketing in multiple agencies as well as in the consumer electronics world. This led him to where he helped lead the charge on brand messaging and focusing the company on home goods and furnishings. Jon then jumped into the startup world, helping a fledgling travel and backpack company called NOMATIC to grow into the respected brand it is today. Currently, Jon spends his time between building My Medic, which is the world’s #1 visited first aid company and his passion of helping in relief efforts locally and throughout the world with My Medic Training + Response. Jon has participated in several local and international studies and service projects in conjunction with The University of Utah, Westminster College, VIDA, UPAVIM, Good in the Hood, Eyes for Zimbabwe and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. These projects have taken him thoughout Central America and Southern Africa. Jon holds a bachelor’s degree in communication from the University of Utah and a master’s in Community Leadership from Westminster College.



Katie Roberts has over 25 years of experience in EMS, Disaster Response, Hazardous Materials Response and Firefighting. She began her career as an EMT in 1997 and became a paramedic in 1998. Katie has worked as a firefighter/paramedic in the Bay Area since 1997. She joined FEMA CA-TF3 in 2009 as a Hazmat Specialist and became the Hazmat Coordinator in 2011. She has served as the Medical Coordinator for the team since 2017. She spent many years teaching HazmatIQ and other EMS and Disaster programs throughout the U.S. Katie has deployed to several hurricanes, post wildfire searches and disasters with CATF3. Katie has also worked with a number of humanitarian groups providing aid and education in South America, Africa, and the Caribbean. She has additionally assisted as an Exercise Controller for several USAID USA-1 and USA-2 MOBEXs.

Cody Hromada

Senior Communications Advisor

A combination of 15+ years of military and NGO immediate international disaster response has allowed Cody Hromada to become an expert in austere communications with a depth of experience and knowledge in line of sight, satellite voice and data, tracking, situational awareness, maritime, and air to ground communications. Cody has deployed worldwide in a variety of situations and environments successfully increasing mission and response capabilities through communications.

Raul Perla

Technical Rescue Instructor

Raul Perla graduated from Fairfax County Fire & Rescue Academy in 1996. He is currently assigned to Burke Fire Station 14 as a Master technician assisting in the training and mentoring of junior fire department personnel and technical rescue technicians to maintain a high state of readiness. As a member of the technical rescue operations team, Raul responds to high angle, trench collapse, swift water and structural collapse incidents. In 2003, Raul was accepted to VA-TF1 and is currently assigned as the Americas Support Team Lead. Raul earned an Associates of Arts Degree from College of Southern Maryland Community College in La Plata, MD. Raul is an active member of the United Nations Assessment Coordination team member since 2008 and has attended the USAID/OFDA Safety/Security officer course. Prior his service with Fairfax County, Raul served with the United States Navy for 26 years retiring as a Senior Chief Petty Officer in 2012. His last command was with US Southern Command as senior enlisted advisor theater contingency engineering management operations.

Carlos Carrillo

technical rescue specialist

Carlos is a former professional firefighter with over 26 years of experience in Fairfax County, Virginia and came to the department after serving six years with the Virginia Army National Guard (VaARNG) as an infantryman with an AAS in Business and General Studies. He also has over 30 years of experience in emergency medicine as an EMT-Basic, with seven years spent as a EMT-Paramedic and National Ski Patroller. Throughout his career, Carlos has served as a Firefighter, Paramedic Technician, Cave-In Master Technician, Lieutenant, and Captain. He was a member of the Technical Rescue Operations Team (TROT) from 1998 to 2021 and Urban Search & Rescue team (VATF-1/USA-1) from 2003 to 2020 as both a rescue specialist and a squad leader. He assisted with instruction in all Technical Rescue Disciplines specializing in Surface Water, Swift Water, Swift Boat, and Ice Rescue. He has worked these aspects of technical rescue here and abroad including Fairfax Co, Virginia, New Mexico, Indiana, Haiti, Japan, Honduras, Guatemala, and Turkey. Carlos has assisted in developing curriculums for both Fairfax County Fire & Rescue and the Virginia Department of Fire Programs and is also still active with the International Association of Water Rescue Professional (IAWRP) assisting with lectures and hands on training (HOT) sessions and planning with their annual training conferences.

Billy Haley

Medical Specialist

Billy Haley has worked in healthcare for 25 years as a U.S. Special Operations Medic. Trauma care is Billy’s bread and butter. He maintains a broad range of medical skills and experience from performing surgeries in hospital O.R., treating and triaging patients arriving in the E.R., caring for patients in the I.C.U., responding to calls as a firefighter/paramedic, and working as a rescue diver. Between the Army, State Department, and other U.S. Government agencies, Billy has had numerous deployments that have taken him to every corner of the globe. With over 1100 days in combat, Billy is well versed in triage and treatment of a wide range of illnesses and injuries in austere environments. He has also stood up and commanded foreign force battalions in several foreign countries as well as provided aid in humanitarian missions. Billy is the owner and lead instructor for his own company and several other companies that specialize in teaching weapons, tactical, trauma care and first aid, hunting safety, survival skills, and mountaineering skills, teaching everyone from civilians and law enforcement to military and elite units. Billy has a love for the outdoors, and active lifestyle with a history of being a sponsored athlete in cycling, skateboarding, and snowboarding.