About Us

Empowering those in need with the tools, training, and teaching to save lives.

Our mission

My Medic Training + Response is focused on providing emergency first response training, equipment, and capacity building to support first responders globally. My Medic Training + Response is also focused on providing rapid emergency support for communities who have experienced a disaster.

Organizational Goals
The Vision

My Medic Training + Response is committed to being a pillar of strength in times of need. It is our goal to support capacity building and provide equipment for local and global responders. 

We support these difficult human experiences by delivering the best first aid training and supplies directly to those in need.

Core Values & Principles

My Medic Training + Response has built its foundation around these core values:

• Empowerment: We empower communities to come back stronger, healthier, and faster by providing essential tools and training in times of crisis.

• Compassion: We embrace compassion and understand that at some point most of us will experience some sort of emergency in our lives, this understanding and compassion drives us to help where we can.

• Dependability: When disaster strikes, we aim to support the most rapid response. It's these immediate actions that can have the biggest impact.

• Impartiality: There is no place for discrimination as to nationality, race, religious beliefs, class or political opinions. We endeavor to relieve the suffering of all individuals, guided solely by their needs, to ensure they can get back on their feet.

Our Story

My Medic was born after a tragic car accident took the life of a loved one. Lack of equipment, proper training, and a long wait for emergency medical services to arrive led to an unnecessary death.

Our goal at My Medic is to prepare you with the equipment and training for the unexpected emergency.