What First Responders Say About The Pandemic Medic™ Kit Drop

Officer Tiffany Atkin accepting Pandemic Medic™ PPE donations from Give Kits

To all of you fighting on the front lines of this pandemic, THANK YOU! 

We know you are giving it your all these days, and we know that most days, due to lack of funding for PPE you are inadequately protected from exposure to COVID-19. 

Recently we coordinated a Kit Drop to the St. George, Utah police and fire departments. Thanks to donors MyMedic™ and Branden Steineckert, drummer of the famous punk band "Rancid", this Kit Drop was a huge success. Here is what Officer Tiffany Atkin had to say about the Pandemic Medic™ donation. 

Pandemic Medic St. George Drop from Ryan Welch on Vimeo.




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