Pandemic Medic™ Kits On The Scene To Support First Responders

first responders receive personal protection equipment from the Give Kits Foundation

PPE Donated To First Responders

Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway.” — John Wayne

A quote that perfectly describes the actions of first responders these days. During a community-wide infectious disease outbreak first responders are showing up to situations to provide lifesaving care, not knowing if the patient has COVID-19, or any other infectious disease for that matter. Yet here they are, ready to serve and provide life-saving care knowing they are putting themselves, their co-workers and families at risk all because their departments lack the funding and/or access to much needed personal protection equipment (PPE). 

The Give Kits Foundation was created exactly for situations like this. Founded in 2015 on the fact that many public institutions such as fire stations, police departments, and local emergency services lack the funding and access needed to purchase and maintain proper first aid equipment. The Give Kits Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization created an easy-to-use website that makes it possible to donate essential kits to the institution of your choosing, right in your neighborhood. 

Understandably, anxiety is high for everyone these days, but there is no question that first fesponders have some of the greatest risks of anyone right now. For all the times first responders show up when needed, Americans can now support them with the personal protection equipment (PPE) that is desperately needed to stay healthy and able to serve. The Give Kits Foundation recognized a need, and with the help of MyMedic™, they were able to assemble the Pandemic Medic™ Kits and have them ready for distribution on the Give Kits Foundation website.

Cost is a donation of $15.00 (plus shipping) and every donation is matched by the Give Kits Foundation supporting companies.

Pandemic Medic kit from Give Kits Foundation for First Responders

Each Pandemic Medic™ kit contains: 

(5) protective masks

(5) pairs of nitrile gloves

(5) uses of hand sanitizer

Give Kits are packed and shipped in America by MyMedic™, home of the best First Aid Kits on the planet, and supported by QuikClot®, Rapid Medical, and Dynarex.  



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